Search Cre Mice

Data for this search interface comes from these Cre recombinase databases: Cre-X, CreZOO and MGI recombinase
Usage hint
Optionally restrict the query using the filters below and hit the Results button.

To change which data appears in the final results table, click the Attributes node in the left hand navigation panel and select/deselect what you want to appear.

Use the Filters node to go back and change filters if necessary, and hit Results again.

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Gene Name Search (case insensitive)
Search result provides an allele-centric annotation of Cre driver lines.
Search anatomy terms in MA (adult mouse anatomy) / EMAP (embryonic mouse anatomy) ontologies:
NOTE: terms in gray have no Cre driver annotation
Please pick one anatomy term of your interest from the auto-suggest input box above to display its node(s) in relevant ontology.
When an ontology tree has been displayed on the left pane, nodes will be color coded:
  • Nodes to which Cre drivers are annotated in the CREATE portal database.
  • Nodes which themselves have no Cre driver annotation but have sub-nodes that do. Ie, if you click through its sub-nodes, you will find annotations.
  • Nodes (including their sub-nodes) that do not have annotations at all. Therefore, these could be candidates for making new Cre lines.