Cre Lines Survey

The objective of this survey is to identify tissues, cell lineages, biological fields for which there are insufficient or ineffective Cre drivers.

The results of this survey will form the basis for generation of new Cre driver mouse lines that will be distributed worldwide through the European Mutant Mouse Archive - EMMA for a nominal handling fee.

Thank your very much for taking the survey. You can check if a suitable Cre line already exists for you with the CREATE portal databases.

To make suggestions for new Cre lines please work through the tabs from Q1 to Q7. When you are done, please hit the 'Submit Survey' button.

Thank your very much for taking the survey.

Warm regards.

The CREATE team

Please suggest genes as potential Cre drivers.

You can provide suggestions by either entering one term per input box or typing part of a gene name in the auto suggest box and wait for the auto-suggest functionality suggest a list of names for you.
The gene name you click on the list will then appear in the gene name box below.

We highly recommend the latter as it will facilitate analysis and impementation of the survey results.

A green check sign in the auto-suggest list indicates Cre lines already exist for this gene.

Suggest gene name(s) as Cre drivers

Gene NameTissue specificity with PubMed Evidence (if any)Inducible (Y/N)